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Charter X – Branding

Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Print

Change, driven by technological advancement, has never evolved as fast as it does today. Successful organisations understand that customer expectations and market dynamics are rapidly moving and as a result transformation is no longer static but in a state of constant flux.

Charter X uses customer experience and design-driven methods integrated with proven enterprise architecture disciplines, to help clients solve the challenges posed by the new economy in an efficient and effective manner.
Vetro worked closely with Charter X to conceptualise their brand identity into a clean and modern dimension reflecting the professional space they operate in.

Visualising the organisation’s key pillars: imagine, architect and realise, the identity and imagery communicate the concepts of foundation, growth and connection, representing the CharterX process of working towards a client-based solution.

The logo conveys imagination and solving the unknown while each segment represents one of the four partners combining their individual strengths into a joint venture. The negative space within the X creates a subtle reference to a pixel while the minimalist white and grey colour tones provide a sense of calm and insight into the digital future.